Tommy Sica

Executive Producer / Writer / Composer

Tommy Sica is a successful writer, producer, composer, and sound designer.  He worked at the Nickelodeon Animation Studio from 2012 until 2018 when he helped produce the Nickelodeon shorts The Meerkats and Breadwinners.  Tommy became the composer and Co-Producer on the Breadwinners television series, for which he implemented a unique “music-first” production process by constructing and supervising a team of audio engineers to create the show’s “musical feel”.  As a member of the Nickelodeon development group known as The Artists Collective, he went on to be a Co-Executive Producer on TMNT Team Up!, for which he co-wrote, co-directed, and scored over 100 sketches for the Nickelodeon series.  

Tommy brings a different perspective to producing content for the web, broadcast and theatrical performances by utilizing sound and music as a creative tool.  Before his career in animation, Sica lived in New York City and was a touring musician/music producer. He is currently an Executive Producer at TG Cartoons where he oversees productions for various clients such as Nickelodeon and Warner Brothers. Tommy lives with his wife in Los Angeles.