A song a great way to cover a lot of ground in a script in a fun and exciting way. As a musician, Tommy is able to write and perform songs that move the plot along while adding production value to any episode.


Buhdeuce is crushed that he lost the Best Breadwinner trophy to the Rocketvan, so he sings his poor and broken little heart out.

Nolan North voices Oonski The Great, and he falls in love with the Rocketvan (aka "Vanessa")  Oonski is a mean Viking-Beaver, and his musical style?  EXTREME BEAVER METAL!

Robbie Daymond is the voice of Sway Sway and he's a phenomenal talent.  Here we asked him to summon his inner Justin Timberlake.

Storytelling through song--this is a fun way to describe what the Breadwinners do and introduce our world.

The theme song had to be catchy, upbeat and give the audience a taste of the absolutely insane show they're about to get into--Mission accomplished!