music composition

The score, if done properly, is an essential and emotionally enhancing part of the viewing experience. As a composer, Tommy has scored animation projects for television, streaming, and video game platforms.


This project was a dream come true for me because I was able to tap into my favorite style of music--Heavy Metal! Flex Calibur was born when Exit 73 Studios (Chris Burns and Bob Fox) animated an amazing 20 second action scene of a rocker fighting a giant beast. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to create a kick-ass metal score. That scene lead to another scene, which lead to another, which lead to a 7-minute pilot! Prepare to get your mind blown, and be warned: Flex is for adult audiences only!


This series of Nickelodeon shorts was heavily based on the 80's TV series, so I wanted to do my version of those classic cues by Dennis Brown and Chuck Lorre.  I was able to recreate the tone using my vintage sound library, so the only thing left to do was to put those sounds and basic melodies through my filter, and voila!  My take on the nostalgic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles score.

This was the first short released by Nickelodeon on Youtube and on It was amazing to play with these characters and to put my spin on the classic themes!


The style and feel of this Nickelodeon show is unlike anything I've ever seen.  It's absurd and chaotic, but it has a great pace and an infectious rhythm.  I try to maintain a constant "heartbeat" of music, and the same tempo, throughout each episode. The show also has an apparent video game aesthetic, which drives me to use a lot of electronic sounds in addition to rock and orchestral instruments. 

Jelly's theme is super fun and lighthearted.  This episode featured a montage sequence where they try to keep Jelly from fetching a monster's egg. 

Buhdeuce eats Yeasterday Bread and travels back in time to a Back to the Future/Huey Lewis inspired tune

Janjoon Jewelry

I was asked to provide an emotive piano score for this beautifully produced commercial. Amazing artistry and unique designs, Janjoon Jewelry can be purchased at