In partnership with Gary “Doodles” DiRaffaele, Tommy Sica formed Doodle Time Studios and has worked with clients such as Nickelodeon, Carton Network and Warner Bros. Animation.


Doodle Time Studios

Here is a sizzle reel featuring our latest work. Along with Gary, I am the Executive Producer, Writer, Director, and Editor of all of these projectsAditionally I provide the sound designer, original score, voice acting, voice direction, and final mix.



Nickelodeon produced a behind-the-scenes video explaining a bit of the “audio-first” production process.



Here is one of the 5 episodes released by Nickelodeon, we’re over 30 million views and counting!


Flex Calibur

I was lucky enough to collaborate with Gary Doodles, Chris Burns and Bob Fox to co-create this adult animation pilot featuring the awesome singing voice of John Bush from Armored Saint and formerly from Anthrax! NSFW!


Teen Titans Go! To The movies - promo

Warner Brothers asked us to direct, animate and it this Lil Yachty music video which has garnished over 10 million views and counting!